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  HTGN Truth & Lies - Posted By: United-States madd Nov 11th - 2006

Legal Disclaimer, The author reserves the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected. All offers are not-binding and without obligation. HTGN & eSportsTV staff are warned not the go on reading as the following may hurt their feelings. Parts of the pages or the complete publication including all offers and information might be extended, changed or partly or completely deleted by the author without separate announcement.

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  EGLN and AA - Posted By: United-States madd Nov 11th - 2006
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  Top AA Movies - Posted By: United-States madd Oct 7th - 2006
Article by Glasse from Protect & Serve

After review of hundreds of AA movies over the years, I've compiled a list of movies that really stood out from the pack. Most of these are pioneers in one way or another in what they accomplish or simply do it better then other similar movies. Keep in mind there's tons of other good AA movies not on the list but having gone through a careful elimination process the following we're chosen.

The list is accompanied by a brief description and comments on my part. I've invited 3 other well known movie makers to also give their review of the movies chosen. There is info on the movie ( file size, video codec, length ) & a direct download link for each.

This had been a project I'd...
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  AA Rollback 2.6 - 1.9 - Posted By: United-States madd Sep 20th - 2006

I've been playing AA since v1.5 and I've never seen the hate for a new version from the larger part of the community (Public Servers) as I see it now. It's interesting that this didn't happen in v2.4 but I think I know why, either the AA community has finally been fed up, or the Devs made a fatal mistake in upping the recommended specs of the game meant to be a recruiting tool.

I say this because never in AA history has the revolt back to an older version been this strong, the amount of posts I see of people going back to 2.6 or those st...
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  AA 2.7: Steamroller - Posted By: United-States madd Sep 12th - 2006

Steamroller is an experiment in increasing the vertical dimension of close urban combat. Typically military online games max out around three levels of play space, but Steamroller offers six height levels of game play. Accompanying the vertical attributes is the see through level concept. Despite being packed with buildings, a player can view and interact with the other side of the map due to holes left by previous battle damage.

By default this map requires an above minimum specification machine; however, when trying to increase frame rate one of the first things one should do is turn off projectors. The map will not be as visually detailed, but will s...
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  AA Fun Top List - Posted By: United-States madd Sep 8th - 2006
The following is a list comprised of what can only be explain as AAO's top Try Hard Players. It was 3pm on a friday evening and everyone was on ki's vent chilling and doing fuck all. From team-ki the four members contributing to this article were, gunna, rka, Row, and Store, from IoG Hyperlite and myself, and to finish it all up there was protag from IceNine.

We went through the list of CAL Invites and Main, by the team list sorted, and picked players who we thought were really making an effort to become 'good' at AA, protag came up with the idea to check tracker hours, hyperlite agreed with great enthusiasm, and everyone else died a little inside. Players like Tr!x, and insane were the molds who we were looking for, people who actually took time to ...
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  vAA-LAN 2006 - Posted By: United-States madd Jul 11th - 2006

Well it's time for another article, it seems more people were reading these than sosa and stalk so here goes the VALAN 2006 Article Arama.

To start off with click Here for an ongoing post in the IoG Forums about the teams and their rosters they are sending for this lan. This post does not promise to be 100% correct as some guess work was involved but it does promise to be 90& correct.

With the possibility of AA Lans being successful appearing on the radar this opens a lot of possibilities for sponsors. Plus new teams and new names have the chance to clear and prov...
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  CAL Tourney Semi Finals - Posted By: United-States madd Jun 22nd - 2006

Now this one will be rather hard to predict due to the fact both teams have upset their opponents on the way to the semi finals, but hey im batting 100 going into this due to last weeks predictions so lets just throw this in the wind and say Enervate hey? Their map experience plus core four is going to help them a lot on this one and im going to go on a limb and say 12oz has had more than their fair share of Urban pub sessions giving them the extra confidence they needed last week. I'm making this weeks article short due to an upcoming Team Spotlight im writting that is sure to make some people upset so i'll say 7-3-1 ENE. Without further adue, th...
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  CAL Tourney Rnd 4 - Posted By: United-States madd Jun 10th - 2006
Due to last week’s article being out one day before the matches, i've decided to start work on this one considerably earlier. It seems all of my predictions were correct except for what I'm going to call an upset on JSOC by SFTO. I'm really impressed to say the least, my thoughts go to that since this week was a slow outdoor map, SFTO really took their time in assaulting JSOC and caught them off guard with some new and strange positions. Apparently SFTO's shots were amazing and really outplayed JSOC. i9 Have not played their match yet and really i'm not going to hold off writing this on a blowout of a match like that. Just for general knowledge the map this week is Urban Assault.

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  CAL Tourney Rnd 3 - Posted By: United-States madd Jun 8th - 2006
Well it's about time I get around to a new article and Gilgamesh was starting to get a bit salty for being a slacker and all so here it goes this time around. This week I'll go into a brief discussion of the CAL-AA Tournament & it's teams. The winners of the tourney are granted four Plantronic gaming headsets. We are down to 16 teams and writting fairy with enough of an informed view is a daunting task, so please critic fairly. Day four into this article and I think it's time to finish up this great work of arrogance and self promotion. Good luck to all the teams in this third round, and expect a shorter more in depth article for the second round of the tournament.

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  Check Six supports AA - Posted By: fąıŋt™ Feb 16th - 2006

"After a community collaboration and a lot of hard work, a game many are familiar with was recognized recently as a game suitable for professional play at the highest level. The game I am talking about is America’s Army. The CPL organization has recognized the plea from the America’s Army community over the last several months, and has responded in accordance to their requests. It has been confirmed that the CPL has considered allowing a BYOC type tournament for AA to take place at the up and coming CPL Summer Championships, although the request is still pending.

Many fans and loyal America’s Army players are pleased that the CPL has considered the idea and are continuing...
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  Years of E-Sports 1993-95 - Posted By: fąıŋt™ Oct 3rd - 2005

Years of eSports: 1993 - 1995


Electronic Sports, as by the definition of competitive online and offline gaming, has been around for longer than many people realize. The timeline of eSports stretches beyond the events of the first CPL’s and WCG’s, further than the release of Quake or QTest and deeper than the archive depths of today’s modern eSports websites.

Yet the information about the early years (pre-CPL) and even information of the events in latter years remains scattered, slowly slipping out of web browsibility in our negligence. Sites that perhaps did complete coverage of The Frag (‘97) or the World Cyber Games Challenge (’99) become relics, unable to keep pace with ...
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  Day of Defeat: Source - Posted By: United-States psyk™ Sep 3rd - 2005

Well, love it or hate it, DOD:S is a completely new game! If you have visited the DOD Forum lately, you will understand why the moderators have been so adamant in proclaiming, for some time now, "that DOD:S is a completely new game." In fact, DOD:S may be nothing like 1.3. Before, everyone sharpens their pitch forks, let’s look at what exactly has changed.

First, let’s address everyone’s major concern – iron sights. Yes, the latest videos show there are iron sights in DOD:S. Not much information has been given about this. A lot of people are hoping they are merely cosmetic, but I doubt that’s the case. Looking at the pictures, you will notice the Garand does not ha...
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  CS: Reactions to the WT - Posted By: United-States psyk™ Aug 19th - 2005
The Counter-Strike community experienced mixed feelings following Tuesday's monumental announcement that declared the older (yet more popular) version of Counter-Strike, version 1.6, the official team game for the CPL World Tour. This piece contains the reactions and outlooks of promient players and GotFrag representatives of both Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source.

Source: The Good

Upfront, the announcement appears to be a step in the wrong direction on the industry or sponsorship side of eSports. Counter Strike 1.6's only fathomable opponent for the World Tour team game, Counter-Strike: Source, seemed to be a more likely candidate as far as the business side went. Source has a more modern appearance and a sleeker interface. ...
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  AA and The CPL: A Reality - Posted By: fąıŋt™ Aug 4th - 2005
Amped News was lucky to get an exclusive interview with the founders of AA-Pro, -internecion- and warpain, and discuss how they plan to achieve a giant goal for AA at the CPL.

Why do you want Americas Army at the CPL?

The AA community is quite large and the game in and of itself is a top notch FPS, if not the best FPS created to date. Its emphasis on strategy makes for an incredible spectator experience and the individual skill of members in the community make for some intense match ups. Given the credibility of the CPL, the strong backing of the Army to continually better the game, and the interest level of the AA community, it just makes sense.

What steps are you taking to ensure AA to be a normal event at th...
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  America's Army 3 Year Ann - Posted By: Canada DecimatioN Jul 7th - 2005
With July 4th right around the corner, the three year anniversary of America's Army being released, is there a possible patch that will be released to help rejuvenate the stagnant competitive circuit?

With America's Army celebrating its 3rd year anniversary, or birthday, of being released. It makes many of us AA players wonder if a specialty patch will be released to help improve the competitive gaming community and allow AA to flourish again.

But with such recent releases of Counter Strike Source and Battlefield 2, the developers of America's Army should be worried that it's prized creation may end up like other games in recent years that fall apart because of a lack of a community. But the AA devs don't have t...
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