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  #IoG @ December 17th, 2018 -- 05:34 AM 
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AA 2.8.3 Relea...
Jan 28th
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Oct 03rd
AA 2.8.2 PATCH...
Sep 06th
IoG Welcomes Co...
Sep 04th
CSS Team 6 Stra...
Aug 30th
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SrcTv.. vs. JcP
Sep 20th
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Sep 09th
2.8.2 patch Mirror #2
Sep 07th
2.8.2 patch Mirror #1
Sep 06th
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Competition: AGC
Game: AA
Type: Online
Location: United-States Online
Date: 4/07/07
Purse: $36,000
Upcoming Events
Game Competition Location Date Details
AA CPL BYOC United-States LAN/TX 31/08/07 view
AA AGC United-States Online 4/07/07 view
Past Achievements / Past Events
Game Competition Location Date Position Details
AA HTGN AOW S1 United-States Online 10/05/06 1st view
AA CAL Main S3 United-States Online 4/04/06 2nd view
AA TWL 6v6 Invites S4 United-States Online 1/04/06 1st view
AA TWL 4v4 Invites S5 United-States Online 12/01/06 2nd (Finals 3v4) view
AA TWL 4v4 Invites S3 United-States Online 6/11/05 2nd view
AA CAL Main S2 United-States Online 19/07/05 3rd view
AA TWL 4v4 Invites S2 United-States Online 17/04/05 1st view
AA CAL Main S1 United-States Online 13/04/05 1st view
AA TWL 6v6 Invites S3 United-States Online 19/12/04 2nd view
AA CAL Open S1 United-States Online 15/12/04 1st view
AA web2zone NY v TX United-States LAN / NYC 19/11/04 1st view
AA TWL 4v4 Invites S1 United-States Online 2/08/04 1st view
AA web2zone LAN United-States LAN / NYC 29/05/04 1st view
BFV PDX NVIDIA LAN United-States LAN / SanFran 17/05/04 2nd view
AA web2zone LAN United-States LAN / NYC 12/04/04 1st view
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  Team Records
AA 257-26-2 .901 info
CoD2 2-0-0 1.00 info
CS:CZ 0-0-0 na info
CS:S 9-2-0 .818 info
Online 258-28-2 .895 info
LAN 10-0-0 1.00 info
Overall 268-28-2 .899 info
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CoD2 vs. NSB
Sep 30th 
CS:S vs. 4SakN
Sep 30th 
CS:S vs. Tempest
Sep 26th 
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Sep 23rd 
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Sep 17th 
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